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MarkStein Publisher Manual

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This chapter will provide you with an initial overview of MarkStein Publisher.

The DTP program MarkStein Publisher is available in three variants:

MarkStein Publisher Standard Edition: Free version for private users and personal use

MarkStein Publisher Professional Edition: Professional version for graphic artists and agencies including Adobe-compatible PDF functionality

MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition: Collaborative version for workgroups with separate editing (text) and layout (graphics). Collaboration takes place via the cloud, for example with Dropbox or Google Drive.

The three versions are based on each other. This means MarkStein Publisher Professional Edition contains all functions of the standard version, plus additional extensions for professional use. MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition is a professional version, which has been supplemented with collaborative functions to enable for teams of editors/authors, copywriters and graphic artists to work together.

The features of and differences between the three versions are described in the next section.