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MarkStein Publisher Manual

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DTP Software MarkStein Publisher Manual

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Layout program MarkStein Publisher

MarkStein Publisher is a program for graphic artists, layout artists and creative people comprising an enormous range of functions, while remaining user-friendly.

MarkStein Publisher is suitable for both first-time users wishing to “quickly” create a letterhead or business card, as well as for professionals wishing to create large documents for various output formats.

You can use MarkStein Publisher to create typeset files for printing, output books in EPUB format, or use the data to export HTML files to web pages.

MarkStein Publisher is not only a layout program with all the functions expected today, but also includes a powerful text editor, enabling users to quickly and easily create the layouts for written articles.

How to get more support

If you have any questions about our programs, please use our free email support at or take a look at the FAQ and the Knowledge Base on our website

As a user forum, the Facebook group Alternative Publishing (German spoken) is available for you to exchange ideas.

We offer telephone support for MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition and working groups of five or more users after signing an appropriate maintenance agreement. In order to build up your publications, we recommend that you take advantage of our experienced team of trainers so that you can work productively with your software as quickly as possible.


MarkStein Software Entwicklungs- und VertriebsGmbH
Riedstraße 2
D-64295 Darmstadt, Germany

Status of documentation

Version 8.1 – October 2022


Jochen Fröhlich, Michael Stühr, Marion Tramer


fine expression, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany
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